Green Bay Packers – the team

The incredible journey of Green Bay Packers began in August 1919. This is after the Indian Packing Company became the sponsor of local pro football team. In 1921, the team was granted membership in the National Football League (NFL).

Today, Green Bay Packers is ranked as the third oldest team in NFL. The long journey through history can be defended as one big struggle. The team and its fun have had moments of joy and deepest sorrow from defeats. However, they remain one of the best team with stability on and off the field. Continue reading Green Bay Packers – the team

Custom Carpets

Packers Team Carpet – Green/Gold “G”
Fans of all ages will love the Green Bay Packers Team carpet for its style and dramatic look, and that it is at an exceptional value. This textured carpet is constructed of premium quality nylon fiber. Nylon fiber, the most frequently sold fiber, is incredibly durable and resilient, because of its resistance to wear, and its ease of cleaning and maintenance. Pattern textured carpet helps hide footprints and vacuum marks, as well as add durability for busy households Continue reading Custom Carpets